CWL- 100~200 marine small-sized centrifugal fan

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CWL- 100~200 marine small-sized centrifugal fan

CWL series marine centrifugal fan can supply air, the ocean air with salt mist and the corrosive air with little acid steam or oil mist; it is used on the washroom, kitchen, separate cabins and public area, also applicable to other proper occasion.



Type demonstration

“C”: marine

“L”: centrifugal

“W”: small type
“100~200”: impeller diameter


The fan is made of casing, air intake, impeller and marine motor.


Mainly used for cabin ventilation and air exchange.


This fan has low noise, high efficiency, small size, low weight, easy installation, high anti-corrosion, anti-shock and vibration ability, stable operation and reliable safety.

· air flow:100~2300m3/h

· total pressure:90~2300Pa

· power:0.12kW~3kW

· power supply:standard configuration AC 3PH 380V/50Hz,AC 3PH 440V/60Hz,can also choose:AC 3PH 415V/50Hz,AC 3PH 460V/60Hz,AC 3PH 480V/60Hz,AC 3PH 690V/60Hz.

· casing:The fan casing is welded snail type which was made of steel plate, the volute can collect the certain speed fluid from the impeller, and change into the pressure and discharged.

· intake:Fan inlet made restrain type streamlined structure namely the laval nozzle shape, mounted on the side of the fan, parallel to the axial cross section for the curve shape, can make the gas well into the impeller, and less loss.

·CWL impeller is forward wing type, the impeller was composed by 32 or 64 anteverted blades which riveting between flat plate wheel cap and flat plate corona. The pressure and flow is large, the impeller must through serious dynamic balance and over speed test.

·marine motor:It has good anti-moisture, anti-mould and anti-salt mist, stable operation, and low noise. The winding and metal parts of the marine motor all according to humid tropics motor requirement passed the special dipping and treatment. On the basement surface of the motor, there is a radiation rib which increases the cooling effect. Marine motor can add the spacer heater according to the requirement.

· Marine motor can choose Dezhou HL, Jiangsu Dazhong, Yuandong and other domestic brands, also can choose ABB, Siemens and other foreign brand.


It is broadly used on the passenger vessel, cargo ship, warship and offshore platform.


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