CZT-(30~180) marine low noise axial fan

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CZT-(30~180) marine low noise axial fan

CZT series marine low noise axial fan (hereinafter referred ton as “fan”) is a new energy-saving, low noise marine unit our company designed with Shanghai research institute of the ship; it can be used to transport the air, the ocean air with salt mist and the corrosive air with little acid steam or oil mist. It’s applicable to cabins ventilation of the vessels, boiler ventilation and some other occasions.



Type demonstration

“C”: marine

“Z”: axial

“T”: low noise and high efficiency

“30~180”: impeller diameter


Fan is mainly composed of casing, impeller, vane supporting feet and marine motor.


Fan is mainly used for cabin ventilation, it also can be used to ensure unit normal operation.


Fan has the features of low noise, large air volume, big pressure head, high efficiency. It has good corrosion resistance, shock resistance, the running is stable and safe, reversible operation can be selected according to users’ requirements.


· air flow:500~220000m3/h

· total pressure:100~1150Pa

· power:0.55kW~90kW

· Power supply: standard configuration AC 3PH 380V/50Hz,AC 3PH 440V/60Hz,if need can choose:AC 3PH 415V/50Hz,AC 3PH 460V/60Hz,AC 3PH 480V/60Hz,AC 3PH 690V/60Hz.

· Casing: structure is barrel type; the main function is to gather gas and guide gas, improve fan efficiency, casing can be made into integral type or open type in axial direction according to requirements. Open type casing is to install impeller and motor on half casing, it is convenient for site maintenance and part replacement.

· Impeller: structure is wing type blade; material is ZL104 cast aluminum alloy, it has passed strict dynamic balance correction, over-speed test.

· Vane supporting feet: the function is to connect motor and barrel, at the same time, it adopts twisted blade type guide vane structure, the function of guide vane is to gather the gas from impeller, and convert part of the kinetic energy into pressure energy.

· Marine motor: It has good anti-moisture, anti-mould and anti-salt mist, stable operation, and low noise. The winding and metal parts of the marine motor all according to humid tropics motor requirement passed the special dipping and treatment.  On the basement surface of the motor, there is a radiation rib which increases the cooling effect. Marine motor can add the space heater according to the requirement.

· Marine motor can choose Dezhou HL, Jiangsu Dazhong, Yuandong and other domestic brands, also can choose ABB, Siemens and other foreign brand.


It was broadly used on the passenger vessel, cargo ship, warship and offshore platform.


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