According to the type and function of the distributer, our products can be divided into ceiling distributer, bulb distributer, electric-heating distributer, pressurization distributer. The customer can choose according to using requirements, install position and cabin decoration.



ype demonstration 

“C”: marine type

“UK”: ceiling type

“UQ”: bulb type

“E”: electric heating


shell、connection tube、regulating part、diffuser、electric heating.


Distributer mainly used for mixing the room air with the air from AHU in cabin, distributing the air to the cabin and ventilating and exchanging the air.


Distributer has small size, low noise, and easing handling, compact structure, save space, stable performance, low power consumption, anti-shock and swing, convenient to maintain and other advantages. We can tailor the external dimension according to customers’ requirements.

· air flow:0~350m3/h

· Electric heating capacity(electric heating distributer):400W


It was broadly used on passenger vessel, cargo ship, warship, oil platform and etc.


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