Gooseneck type funnel

Gooseneck type funnel

Gooseneck funnel was broadly installed on natural ventilation and mechnical ventilation units which was on the open deck of all kinds vessel.


Type demonstration

AA/AB : round funnel

BA/BB :  oblate funnel

CA/CB : rectangle funnel


The funnel mainly installed on the duct and upper of the ventilator which located at the open deck of the vessel, that prevented the rain from dripping into the cabin when the air supplying.


Reasonable structure, small resistance, easy construction, complete specifications, good ventilation effect, reliable air-rain leakproofness, can satisfy with wide range of requirements of ship industry.

· AA/AB-DN     Inside nominal diameter:DN100-300mm

· BA/BB-DN     Inside nominal diameter:DN100-300mm

· CA/CB-DN     Inside nominal diameter:DN100-400mm


It was broadly used on passenger vessel, cargo ship, warship and offshore platform.


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