KT-630~1800 marine adjustable axial fan

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KT-630~1800 marine adjustable axial fan

KT series marine adjustable axial fan is a new high pressure, energy saving axial fan, it is designed, produced according to classification society regulation (CCS, ABS, NK, and DNV) and has many kinds of optional installation types.



Type demonstration

“KT” : adjustable

“630~1800” :impeller diameter 630~1800mm

“A”或 “B” :impeller code


casing, impeller, back guiedvane(stationary guide blade -motor support)、marine motor。


The adjustable axial fan is used to transport the air, the ocean air with salt mist and the corrosive air with little acid steam or oil mist. It’s applicable to cabins ventilation of the vessels and some other occasion, also applicable to the duct system which has large pipe network resistance and needs high power


Marine adjustable axial fan is easy handling, compact structure, and low noise, anti-vibration, and anti-swing, anti-shock, easy maintenance.

The fan hub and blade has good universality and interchangeability, can be new products through the various combination of the hub and the blade.  The same type fan has wide efficient working area, applicable to many kinds of network requirements, saves the cost.

This fan has higher pressure to compare with normal fan at the same air flow, small dimension, easy producing.

· air flow range :8000~200000m3/h

· pressure range:100~1600Pa

· impeller diameter:630-1800mm

· power:standard configuration AC 3PH 380V/50Hz,AC 3PH 440V/60Hz,if need can choose:AC 3PH 415V/50Hz,AC 3PH 460V/60Hz,AC 3PH 480V/60Hz,AC 3PH 690V/60Hz.

· casing:The casing can be made to integral type, axial direction open type or door open type according to the needs. The casing was made of normal steel for rolling or welding. According to the requirements for hot dip galvanized or surface anticorrosion coating treatment

· impeller:Impeller was casted by anti-corrosion Al alloy. The blade adopts efficient low resistance new type wing structure. The hub out face is arc, reduces the fluid resistance, and lows down the fan noise.

· back guiedvane:The stationary guide blade of the back guiedvane adopts equal thickness arc or arc with straightway, cycles the deflect airflow back to axial direction, changes the kinetic energy into static pressure at the same time, increase the fan performance

· Motor:Marine motor can choose Dezhou HL, Jiangsu Dazhong, Yuandong and other domestic brands, also can choose ABB, Siemens and other foreign brand.


It was broadly used on the passenger vessel, cargo ship, warship and offshore platform.


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