Low temperature air cooler

Low temperature air cooler

Low temperature air cooler is an important component of refrigeration plant; it relies on the forced circulation air through the cooling discharge pipe to cool down the items in cold room, and reach the purpose of cooling and fresh preservation. Air cooler mainly has domestic LUC, CDL series and Roller, GEA and other imported brands.


Main components

Low temperature air cooler is mainly composed of axial fan, fin type evaporator, electric defrosting device and casing.

Product function

Low temperature air cooler is suitable for the cold room below -10~-25℃, it can directly freeze fresh meat, fresh fish.

Product advantages

With a ceiling structure, it won’t occupy the usable area of cold room and improve the use ratio; the uniformly forced ventilation makes cooling speed become fast, and temperature becomes uniform; air cooler meets relevant marine specifications, and three proofing has been conducted; the casings, fasteners are made of stainless steel, have strong anti-corrosion ability.

· Cooling capacity:1kW~34.7kW

· Circulating air:800-23520m3/h

· Refrigerant: standard equip R404A, R134a、R407C and some other environmental refrigerant can be selected

· Power supply: standard equip AC 1PH 220V/50Hz,AC 3PH 380V/50Hz,AC 3PH 440V/60Hz

· Motor: axial type

· The number of the motor: single or multiple

· Total pressure:150Pa

· Cooling mode: air cooled

· Evaporator type: copper tube copper fin or copper tube aluminum fin;

· Defrosting electric heater: 900-34700W


It is widely used in low temperature cold rooms and other places in various types of passenger ships, cargo ships, warships and offshore oil platforms.


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