Pneumatic fire damper

Pneumatic fire damper

Our fire damper was designed according to marine work, can block steam, smog, make sure the normal work under this condition, especially applicable to vessel, offshore platform and underground construction and other humid environment.



Type demonstration

“C”:  marine

“B”: means ex-proof,no letter means no ex-proof

“Q” : pneumatic

“FH”: fire damper

“(D)” : multi-blade,no letter means single blade

“A×B,DN”: A×B矩形rectangle:long长×宽wide(风管内档)DN圆型round:风管直径duct diameter


Fire damper mainly used on the ventilation duct needs fireproof requirement. Once the fire happened, the temperature inner the duct increased to 70℃, the fire damper will close automatically, thus can prevent the fire spreading from the duct. Control type, rotary cylinder.


Fire damper adopts exclusive frock designing and production, with small deflection, low air leakage, high stability. Equips relative signal feedback, can control automatically.

· fusing temperature 70±3℃,

· close time : <2S,

· air leakage ≤5m3/m2·h,

· fireproof grade : A0~A60;

· Control power : DC24V/AC110V/AC220V,50/60Hz,

· Protection grade :  IP44/IP56,

· EX-proof grade : ExdIIBT4/ExdIICT4,

· fire-proof grade  : A0~A60;


It was broadly used on passenger vessel, cargo ship, warship and offshore platform ducts.


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