Spiral Duct

According to the material, spiral duct can be divided in to galvanized spiral duct, stainless steel spiral duct and complex spiral duct. Among them, stainless steel spiral duct has the best quality, strong applicability. According to the structure, it can also be divided into nonadiabatic spiral duct and pre-adiabatic spiral duct



Type demonstration

“R”: onadiabatic spiral duct

“PR”: pre-adiabatic spiral duct

“80-600”: inner diameter 80-600mm


The spiral duct used for linking two zoos and air ventilation..


Spiral duct has small ventilation resistance, low noise, good intensity and rigidity, applicable to all kinds of strong acid, alkali mist and other strong corrosion environment. We can design and produce all size spiral duct according to customers’ requirements.


·inner diameter:80-600mm;


Spiral duct applicable used in supply and exhaust pipe of purification system, central AC duct, industrial supply-exhaust ventilation pipe and environmental suction-exhausting duct. It was broadly used on passenger vessel, cargo ship, warship and oil platform.


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