Steel shutter

Steel shutter

Steel shutter was used for the inlet and outlet ventilation where has wind-rain resistance requirements locates on the freeboard deck. We can choose different materials according to requirements.


Type demonstration 

F : non-thick steel shutter    fixed type

M :  wind-rain resistance steel shutter

M-A×B-(L/R): A×B – rectangle inner block size,L – left open,R – right open


The shutter installs on the vessel bulkhead, its mainly used for preventing the wind and rain getting into the cabin through the duct.


The surface is smooth and clean, without burr and tiny crack; louver cover plate is flexible, has good water tightness.

· inner block size :100×250~1600×1600

· open direction :  left open or right open

The water resistance shutter should do hose testing, pressure is 0.25MPa, flush 5min, can not leak. When close the water resistance shutter, sealing filler should uniformly and continuously press-in, the impression width ≥1/2t, the impression depth should not less than 2mm, coating anti-corrosion paint second degree after rust removal.


It was broadly used on passenger vessel, cargo ship, warship and offshore platform.


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