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BLUE MARLIN SHIP SEA - FASTENING REMOVAL Supplying manpower, tools, equipment and consumables to remove sea-fastening structures  for the rig detailed as follow: To Remove and grind after cutting work 46 pcs of  sea-fastenings (item 01-46) on DW: No.1115874-003-01. To Remove and grind after cutting work 19 pcs strong boxes  (item 47-48) on DW No.1115874-003-01. [...]



POSH SHEARWATER ESCAPE HATCH COVER MODIFY + Supply Spring of emergency escape hatch as per origin sample onboard. - Modify the hatch cover with scope of works as below: - Remove the hinges and the lock by cutting - Re-position the hinges and lock. -Install counter weight for escape hatch cover. Rewinding Motor.     [...]