Project Description



  1. Lower the main hook near central and clean area on main deck. The sheaves’ axis aligned horizontal so wire run up and down freely.
  2. Disconnect the limit switch for runner drum ( mark the exact position of drum and turn on the drum to established position at later connection carefully payout the main hoist wire both side on the winch drum until the end on clamps.
  1. Open the clamps and secure both end of wire with rope or stopper.
  2. Used rope and drop one end of the old wire to the empty reel of hydraulic spooler.
  3. Used snatch block and swivel links for hold wire free run up.
  4. Make a whipping on another one end of old wire and new hoist wire. Connect both wire by welded.
  5. Run spooler slowly and heave up carefully until the new hoist wire go into winch drum to replaced old wire.
  6. Stop heaving when the new wire goes into winch drum.